Hi there! If you’ve come across this website, either intentionally or by accident, you may be asking yourself:

Where Am I?

You’re on my personal blog, if that’s what you mean! If you’re asking more generally, you’ve got bigger problems than I can help you with. This is where I collect all of my random thoughts, ideas, musings, rantings and other bits when I think they’re interesting enough to share, but I can’t think of a better place to put them.

I’ve never been known to use one word when a thousand would suffice, so if you’re going to take the time to read something here, be prepared to settle in and read.

Who Are You?


I probably should have opened with this huh? I’m Steve Lewis. I’m a software developer living in Orange County, California, but originally from southern Illinois. I’ve got more interests and hobbies than I care to count, chief among them being reading constantly and writing whenever I can find the time.

Topics I enjoy writing about that you’re likely to find here include politics, religion, philosophy, psychology, literature, gaming, music, and really any other randomness I can think of, as it occurs to me.

What’s the Point?

Good question! There are two points. The first is that writing often helps me organize my thoughts on a subject and having this platform to write on gives me a place to refer people to if I want them to understand my views on a particular topic. Note that I said, understand, not agree with, accept, or congratulate.

Second, and of secondary importance…I find the act of sharing my writing, to the extent that my point of view entertains or enlightens, or at the very least gives other people something to think about, is a worthwhile pursuit in it’s own right, even if no one else thinks so. Even if my writing is never so good as to be entertaining, enlightening, or thought-provoking, at least I’ll have the evidence to say that I tried.

How Often Do You Post?

I have absolutely no idea. My writing is by no means prolific. I write when I feel like it, and allow my mind and energy to be elsewhere if I don’t feel like it. What that means in terms of a publishing schedule is — there is no publishing schedule.